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Concerns about todays church movements:

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January 2, 2010

Friend of Discernment

I have been a born again Christian since October 1977.  I was discipled by a number of people, but I credit the Navigators on the UW-Madison campus for grounding me in the scripture through their "Design for Discipleship" series.  Since that time I have studied theology and church history on my own while also continuing to read God's Word, the Bible over and over.

There is nothing like soaking in God's Word. The Holy Spirit uses that whenever I face a question or problem in life.  I ask God for wisdom as instructed in James 1:5 and verses are brought to mind.  With a PC based bible I can quickly locate verse from a few key words I recalled and study it in its context to see if and how it applies.  (see link right for a free program that I use everyday!) Soaking in God's Word reminds me of the story often told about how the FBI trains their people to spot counterfeit money.  They study the real thing in great detail.  When a counterfeit comes along it stands out as not quite right.  It looks good, but for the trained eye it is clearly not the real thing.

 I was been part of the church growth  movement for 8 years (1991-1998) as part of a startup church and I overlooked some of the things that just were not right.  The people were loving and sincere in really wanted to reach people for Christ.  I left this church for a more traditional church after years of burnout.  The new church felt right and I grew to love that church.  After a number of years it started to slowly change in the direction of the church growth movement.  The more I studied and researched the more I became concerned, then alarm.  My concern fell on deaf ears.  Through this website I want to be a "watchman on the wall"  Ezek 33 to those  who have  not  yet heard.  There are many better sites (see links on the right:  Light House Trails Research and Apprising Ministries) but this is my story and my  study  of God's Word.

To read about my journey see "Rethinking Where God Wants Us".


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Has your church been "Warrenized"? Have you tried to warn your church?  If you met resistance, there may be a reason. 

Old Truth: PDL dissenters
This sight is for those who are concerned about changes in their church in favor of Purpose Driven Life.